If I could travel between worlds
carrying words like lightning, and sounds infinitesimal
that can be heard only by the bones of the little finger
this is what I would seek:
to be the talebearer
of the stars’ voices.
If I departed from the Birds’ Way
and stormed northward
into the realm of secrets
and discovered the rags of a song
I would wash it in ice,
feed it my blood,
deliver it on my dying breath.

© Anita Susi

One comment on “Šaaman

  1. I am awed, Anita fair, wondrous and lovely. Surely your devoted husband in near and aware of your strength.

    servi estis eius cui oboeditis

    My humility is the body unscathed; I cannot fully live in this world. I am committed. Love to you.

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