Suvekodu memories, continued

Erwin Pari of Tartu, Estonia, read the previous post about Estonian Children’s Summer Camp and offered a few comments.  Erwin was one of the very first group of campers at Suvekodu, some time in the late 1950s.

He recalls “Õhtupalve ” (Evening prayer), the closing song sung at campfires, with having slightly different words than I included yesterday:

Nüüd uni tule rutuga, et magama ma jääks
ja kata oma kätega, et värimus* must läeks.

Olin täna parem kui olin eile.

Olen homme parem kui olin täna”

Now dreams, come quickly so I can go to sleep
and cover with your hands, that (tiredness?) from me will depart
I was better today than I was yesterday.
I will be better tomorrow than I was today.
     * this must be a typo for väsimus – tiredness.
I think he is correct. I didn’t recall the exact words when I was writing, but  did an internet search, found them on an Estonian web site and lifted them verbatim, (Latin: word for word) into my post. Maybe there are other versions. Does anyone else remember a different version sung at camp?
Erwin also sent a photo of that first group of campers. Pastor Henn Hendrikson, who was camp administrator for many years, is at the far left.  Erwin is the second from the right in the striped T-shirt. Does anyone else recognize themselves in this digitally re-done photo?
Click on the photo to see an enlarged version.
If you would like to share your camp memories or photos, please contact me through this blog and I’ll try to include as many as I can. I’ll have to dig up some of my old photos too.
Pia Laupa Stegers, another former Suvekodu camper, says the person who made us watch the snake devour the frog was Pastor Hendrikson. This was an incident I wrote about in yesterday’s blog post. I thought it was Raivo Tars, one of the former counselors.  Was it one of them, or someone else?  Somebody must remember.

2 comments on “Suvekodu memories, continued

  1. Richard says:

    Hi does anyone know the whereabouts of my old roomsate from the 60s? If you get this Raivo leave a message on my facebook page so we can reconnect, Richard

  2. Uku Meri says:

    I think my brothers Taavi (1st row left, died 2012) and Urmas (1st row, 4th from left) are in that picture. I wasn’t born yet.

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