My name is Anita Susi. My parents were immigrants from Estonia, one of three small nations on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. Estonians are closely akin to the people of Finland, and our languages are very similar.  Even though my parents spoke English well, they knew I would learn it once I started school.

I began learning English through total immersion in the public schools in Paterson and Wayne, NJ. After majoring in English at Livingston College of Rutgers University, I worked as a newspaper reporter and marketing writer for many years.

Because I love playing with words, I write poetry when the spirit moves me. It is almost always in English because I lack a sense of the nuances in modern Estonian.

Paganism and witches have appealed to me since childhood, and I’ve been learning a little  about Estonia’s native pagan religion, Maausk. The blog title, offeringstone, refers to large stones in Estonia’s ancient sacred places where the maarahvad, the pagan people of the land, brought their offerings in times of worship or need. This blog is an offering stone of sorts, on which we can share bits of insight and perhaps wisdom.






8 comments on “About

  1. Ebe says:

    Hi Anita. I accidentally found your blog searching more information about paganism. I am Ebe and I come from Estonia. I recently just decided to get more deeply into paganism /wicca as this comes around in my life time to time and perhaps it is THE time. Funnily reading your blog i had this dejavu moment and i thought if you are interested in the same topic, perhaps we could share this intrest and i could learn this and that.
    I am sorry for this rather unusual messages (also for me) and i wish you all the goodness in the world :).

    Best regards,

  2. Merike says:

    Ja, Aita Susi ema oli arst. Anita, I love your blog… thanks for it.

  3. BTW, I love your blog! So fascinating and well written!

  4. Thank you! I meant Kammar – not Kannar. 🙂

  5. I’m looking for Merike Kannar-Kerner who is Estonian and who is mentioned in one of your posts. Can you get me her e-mail address? I’m an old friend of hers.

  6. Anu Oinas says:

    Dear Anita,
    I am Anu Oinas who started Lakewood Summer Scout Camp in 1959. I remember your mother being the doctor there and you as a small “õrnakene” in the hallakeste camp. I remember how sweet you were and willing to walk with the older girls in the camp. I also lived on Long Island and was the leader of the Estonian girl scout troop there. I never went to “Kiusuküla” laste kool (Estonian School).
    It is nice to see some of you younger people starting to write about your experiences in the early years as I am just now pieceing together bits and pieces of my journey from Germany to America via various older generation folks who can still remember. My mom and dad have been long gone (over 40 years) so I have no one else to ask. Hopefully, your mom is still alive and can tell you more about when you were little. If so, please send her my greetings and fond memories of her.
    Anu Oinas, choreographer/leader of Pillerkaar, the Estonian Folk Dancers of Washingron, DC.

    • Hi Anu,

      Thanks for your nice comments!
      I think you were thinking about someone else. My mother was not a doctor and my mother passed away 37 years ago. I never went to Estonian scout camp in Lakewood until I was 15 or so, for Koguja. I believe there is another person named Aita Susi (without the letter n in the name) because I sometimes get Estonian-related mail with that name on the envelope. We are two different people and we are not related to one another. I have never met her or her family, but I can understand how easy it is to mix us up.
      I’ve met you at least once, because I live near Gaithersburg MD. and once when my daughters were younger, Maria Pedak drove us to a Pillerkaar practice to see if my kids would be interested in learning rahva tants. Alas, they were not.


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